Sunday, July 11, 2010

MarkOUT - Detailed Services (Marketing Outsourcing in India)

A new organization has to go through different stages from Conceptualization of the product to the launch of the product. It doesn’t end there. The company will always like to expand their business by entering in new products, increasing the distribution footprint, increasing the sellout by effective marketing techniques/ activities. Some of you may be in the stage of launching new products. Some of you may have existing products, but have still not marketed. Some of you may have ideas, but need inputs on execution.

We have got experienced people with us, who have seen all these stages, done it and are ready to work with you to offer our set of services.

Stages in developing business

1. Differentiated Product Concept

2. Product Development

a. Creating Product Differentiation
b. Product Specifications: Product ingredients, Nutritional facts
c. Patent: Scope for patenting a product concept

3. Manufacturing: Manufacturing process/ competence with respect to the product

4. Packaging Development

a. Packaging specifications as per packaging and Commodities Act
b. Packaging structures for your product
c. Packaging graphics/ aesthetics for your brand

5. Branding Strategy

a. Brand Name Identification
b. Brand Concepts to create differentiation in the mind of the consumers

6. Business Planning (Will get revised at different stages)

a. Detail Business Plan after considering all costs (fixed and variable) and other investments
b. Finalize the markets to launch as per profitability (basis on potential business)

7. Channel/ Distribution Development

a. Distributor Identification: We will identify the right distributors for your target markets. We have a team of people in different markets.
b. Wholesaler/ Retailer Identification

8. Marketing Strategy

a. Consumer Activities/ Promotions
b. In-store merchandising for your brand

9. “Sharper the Saw”: Ongoing Marketing Interventions required after your brand is in the market. It may be expanding your distribution, availability drives, consumer excitement, increasing your product portfolio, to grow your business

We at MarkOUT, strive to identify the relevant marketing interventions at different stages (as mentioned above) for your growth. You can share with us your product/ service details along with the MARKETING NEEDS to We will get back to you.


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